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Whole Property Wifi

Installation solutions

It was just Internet, now its all your devices

​In 2012 we began in the oil and gas field where very little, and unreliable communications existed. Working radio and cellular servcies connecting production pad siites to ALL devices was a challange.

In 2018 our team started to offer these types of solutions to Residential and Businesses in rural areas. The goal of simplistic, stable, and supportable equipment is paramount to both the customer and our support team.

In 2023 our goal is to offer a standard platform, once your Internet service arrives, then install this standardized expandable platform to all rural consumers.


  • With one data services you can expand WiFi coverage, Cell coverage, Main house, barns, workshops, guest house, etc. to many locations on your property.

  • With expandable platform, you can ADD cameras, gate locks, detection cameras, telephony, and many other IP adressable devices without additional equipment in most cases.

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